These 6 reasons make boys hairs to fall quickly, Read the best tips


These days, the problem of hair loss is being seen in boys. The main reason for this is  estrogenic alopecia (male pattern boldness) which is caused by the deterioration of the balance of DTH hormone found in boys. In this, hair starts coming out from a part of the boys head. According to a study, the onset of this problem in 30 percent of boys by the age of 20 years comes.  Estrogenic alopecia is not the only cause of hair fall in boys. Dr. Manish Zainbat, General Physician of Bombay Hospital has been talking about some other reasons which may be responsible for hair loss of boys at an early age.

Know the main reasons for hair loss >>

1- Smoking: Many boys start smoking at an early age. Due to this the blood nerves start to shrink. This reduces the oxygen level of the body, causing damage to the hair.

These 6 reasons make boys hairs to fall quickly, Read the best tips

2- Unhealthy diet: Most boys do not pay attention to the right amount of nutrition in the diet. Due to this, nutrients like iron, protein, calcium start to decrease in the body. Which causes hair fall.

3- Family History: Genetics can be responsible for baldness. If there is a history of loss of hair of boys in your family at a young age, then the same can happen to you.

4- Alcohol: Many boys start drinking more from an early age. Due to this, toxins in the body increase. Also, there is a shortage of iron, zinc and water. Hair loss starts in this situation.

5- Stress: Usually boys do not share their problems with anyone, in this case they get stressed and the balance of body hormones deteriorates. This causes hair loss.

6- Chemical effect: Boys use hair gel, colors, shampoo and conditioner more. Hair loss occurs due to the side effects of the chemical present in them.


Important tips to remove the problem of hair loss >>

1 – Onion and Lemon: If there is patches in baldness on the head, apply equal amount of onion and lemon juice on it daily. Wash your head after half an hour.

2 – Fenugreek seeds: Put a spoonful of fenugreek seeds in a little water and soak it overnight. Boil this water in the morning and wash the head after cooling it.

3 – Neem and Amla: Boil neem leaves and gooseberry in water. Cool this water and wash it directly. Do this remedy 2 times a week.

4- Olive oil: Make olive oil lukewarm. Mix one spoon of honey and cinnamon powder in it and apply it to the hair roots. Wash after 15 minutes.

These 6 reasons make boys hairs to fall quickly, Read the best tips

5-fennel: Boil one tablespoon of fennel in water. If the water remains half, then cool it and wash the head.

6- Curd and curry leaves: Mix 2 teaspoon curry leaves paste in some curd and apply it on the hair. Wash your head after half an hour


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