These 8 tips will save iPhone and iPad from the clutches of hackers, Apple itself shared them

Cyber ​​Scam Safety Tips: Apple has shared some tips to identify scams like SMS threats, phishing, etc. The iPhone maker has updated its security support document that explains ways to avoid scams. This will let you know what to do if you receive suspicious emails, phone calls or other such messages. Let’s know what tips Apple has given.

Apple says that scams like phishing and SMS threats are called social engineering scams. In this type of scam, the users who are targeted are targeted to steal their personal data and empty their bank accounts. Let’s know how to keep iPhone and iPad away from the clutches of hackers.

How to keep your Apple account and devices secure:

  1. Never share your personal data or security codes like passwords etc. with anyone. Never enter such information on any webpage to which you are redirected.

  2. Keep your Apple ID secure. Use two-step verification. This will keep your device and account secure. Never share your Apple ID password or verification code with anyone. Apple never asks for this information to help you.

  3. Never use an Apple gift card to make payments to anyone.

  4. If purchasing something on the App Store or iTunes Store, verify your official Apple email.

  5. You need to understand how to keep your Apple devices and data safe.

  6. Download software only from official sources.

  7. Do not follow links or open or save attachments in suspicious or unsolicited messages.

  8. If someone claims to be from Apple, do not pay attention to that message or call. Also, contact Apple directly.


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