These 8 weapons are included in India’s nuclear power, which makes the world fear


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In today’s time, India is not less than China in science and technology at any cost. If we do nuclear power, then India’s nuclear power is much better than China. This is the reason why China is frightened by India’s nuclear power.

According to a report by the American think tank, India has eight weapons that can be attacked at any time. The power of these weapons is so much that they can destroy their enemies within minutes. It is impossible for any country in the world to stop it.

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According to the news, India has 2 nuclear weapons . While 4 ballistic missile systems and 2 sea-based ballistic missile systems are included from the ground. In addition, at least 3 weapons are under development. Which India’s scientists and engineers will prepare soon.

Let us tell you that India is also making many other nuclear missiles which have reached their final stage. These include the Agni-6 missile fired from the ground and the K-5 missile fired from submarines. With the formation of these missiles, India’s strength will increase even more.

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