These are the 5 most powerful missiles of India ,China also scares from them


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In today’s world, India’s strength is not less than any country in the world. If we talk about missile technology, then India is the superpower. Today, according to a report in this subject, we will try to know about those 5 missiles of India which are the most powerful in the world. So let’s know about it in detail.

1 .Agni-5 Missile:

This missile has a firepower of more than 5 thousand kilometers. Agni-5 missile is equipped with nuclear warheads and is capable of carrying 1.5 tons of material.

2 .K-4 missile:

It can be fired from the surface to the water. Let us tell you that its firepower is 3 thousand km. It can bear an atomic weight of up to 3 tons. It is impossible for any country to stop it.

These are the 5 most powerful missiles of India , Know their names


3. Brahmos missile:

This missile is India’s most dangerous weapon. The firepower of this missile is the highest among all missiles in India. The name of this missile increases the tension of both China and Pakistan.

4.Barak-8 Missile:

Let us tell you that India has developed this missile with Israel. This 3 ton heavy missile is capable of carrying a weight of 70 kg. Enemies tremble in its name.

These are the 5 most powerful missiles of India , Know their names

5. Nirbhay Missile:

The Nirbhay missile is a long-range subsonic cruise missile. This surface-to-surface missile can be fired in all weather conditions. It is impossible to stop it.

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