These are the advantages of driving at a speed of 40-50 kmph, Must Know


New Delhi: Often people refuse to drive at high speed, the biggest reason is that when you drive at a high speed, your control on the vehicle starts to decrease, due to which the chances of getting an accident increase. It also has a wrong effect on the engine. But if you keep the speed of your vehicle 40-50 kmph, then its effect is quite good. Let’s know

These are the advantages of driving at a speed of 40-50 kmph.

If you drive your car at a speed of 40-50 kmph, you can save a lot of fuel. Auto expert Tutu Dhawan also believes that driving at a low speed not only increases the mileage but also makes the engine of the vehicle work better.

Not only this, due to the needless race in the car, the fuel consumption increases with the engine. Therefore, keep the speed of the vehicle always low, not only will you be able to save fuel, but the vehicle will also be in your control, due to which the danger of accident will be avoided.
If your car is giving low mileage, then there are some important reasons for it, let us know about those reasons.

Regular service

By making the service of two-wheeler regular, the engine remains intact, due to which the performance as well as the mileage are also affected. Therefore, do not miss the service of the vehicle at all.


Keep the correct air pressure in the tires

If you want better mileage, bike or scooter, then keep checking the air in the tires of your car 2 times a week. Remember, keep the air in the tires as much as the company has recorded. Due to less air, both the tires and the engine have a load, due to which the fuel consumption increases and the mileage is reduced. If the tires are damaged or worn out, get them replaced immediately.

Change gears like this

Changing the gear incorrectly in the bike has a wrong effect on the engine along with the gearbox. Not only this, incorrectly fitted gear starts to increase fuel consumption and reduces mileage. During the ride, the bike itself tells that the time has come to change gears. Keep in mind that to avoid getting into the lower gear, do not force the accelerator to press at all, in this case the fuel consumption will increase.

Remove spare accessories

It is often seen that people get more accessories in their scooters or bikes. By doing this, the weight of the vehicle increases and when driving a bike or scooter, it causes heaviness, due to which the engine loads and the mileage starts to decrease. Not only this, the bike does not run smooth either. So stop putting extra accessories.


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