These are the amazing benefits of wearing a Tulsi garland


Tulsi Garland Benefits: Tulsi has special significance in Hinduism. In such a situation, to bring happiness and prosperity in the family, Tulsi is worshiped and in the same way it is considered good to wear a Tulsi garland. It is said that if the devotees of Lord Vishnu and Krishna wear a garland of Tulsi, they get great benefits. Wearing Tulsi garland purifies the mind and soul.

Benefits of wearing Tulsi garland:

Wearing a garland of Tulsi around the neck increases vitality, gives freedom from many diseases. Wearing it around the neck makes the body pure, disease free and sattvik.


Chanting the name of God with Tulsi garland and wearing it around the neck puts pressure on the essential acupressure points, which benefits in mental stress, protects against infectious diseases.
Improves body health and helps in longevity. Not only this, by wearing Tulsi, the flow of electric power in the body increases and the power of living cells to hold electricity increases.

Wearing a Tulsi garland around the neck emits electric waves which do not allow hindrance in blood circulation. At the same time, due to the strong electric power, an aura exists around the holder.

By wearing a Tulsi garland around the neck, the voice becomes melodious and at the same time the Tulsi garland swinging on the heart protects the heart and lungs from diseases.


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