These dangerous signs appear in the body due to liver damage, protect yourself in this way


Lifestyle News Desk, Sometimes some people eat even a little bit, then they are not able to digest that food. This happens because of the weakness of the liver. Liver plays a very important role in digesting food and removing toxic substances from the body. When the liver is weak, there are problems like loss of appetite, sleeplessness, vomiting, feeling weak. Long-term liver damage also increases the risk of liver cirrhosis. Some early signs appear when there is a disturbance in the liver. Liver diseases can be caused by anything, such as viral infection, alcoholism and obesity. Liver failure can also occur if the problem is severe. However, if treated in time, the problem can also be cured.

These are the symptoms of liver damage

Initially the symptoms of liver damage are not serious but still if you are facing more of these problems then these can be signs of liver damage. As –

  1. yellowing of the skin or eyes
  2. abdominal pain or bloating
  3. swollen feet and ankles
  4. pale stools
  5. dark colored urine
  6. loss of appetite
  7. nausea or vomiting
  8. always tired

How to prevent liver related diseases:

Liquor: If you have been diagnosed with liver disease, then you should stay away from alcohol. Alcohol is not good for the liver.

weightObesity is also one of the reasons for liver related diseases. These diseases can be avoided by good eating habits.

Taking any medicine: Do not take any medicine without doctor’s advice. On taking any medicine, it has a direct effect on the liver.

Cleanliness: Hands should be washed thoroughly before eating. And if you are cooking, don’t forget to wash your hands before preparing food. Poor hygiene can lead to contamination of food and can lead to liver diseases.

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