These diseases can turn you into some powerful superheroes


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Almost every one of you has been through some or the other disease and has had a difficult time dealing with the symptoms. But what if we told you that there are even some rare diseases that can give you superheroes like abilities. Pretty hilarious, right? Believe it or not, it’s true. We have listed below some rare diseases and disorders which can literally turn a person into a superhero.

Absence of fear: Urbach wiethe illness is an uncommon genetic imbalance or disorder that prompts the total absence of fear. Just 300 cases are known and a one fourth of them have been enrolled in South Africa. The most well-known patient got the name ‘the lady who knows no fear’. As a young lady, she had both the sides of her amygdala decimated which brought about her knowing no dread. The specialists utilized various approaches to alarm her. She was given harmful reptiles and snakes to hold, the researchers made her watch thrillers, she was even secured a spooky house. The absence of fear in any individual is a quite hazardous condition to have. Without dread we are defenseless to hazardous circumstances that render us genuine damage.

Octopus people: Polymelia is strange imbalance or disorder in the body. Individuals experiencing it are brought into the world with a surprising number of body limbs. In some cases these limbs are truly valuable for these patients. For instance the case in Pakistan was especially stunning, an infant took birth with upwards of six legs. Truth be told, the infection can influence any furthest points like legs arms and fingers. Without a doubt medical procedures removing additional body parts exist, yet shockingly that few people refuse as they think these body parts, are valuable for then and feel hesitant to lose them.


Foreign accent: Huge number of people have made an attempt to talk with a foreign accent in any event once in their life and may have been effective too. To our surprise, there are a few people, suffering from foreign accent syndrome, who don’t have to make any effort but can talk splendidly. In most cases, it is unpleasant for even the patients themselves as they talk with a foreign accent wildly. It is even surprising that patients who speak with a German accent may have never visited Germany. Every once in a while, such patients utilize a few accents and now and again, even at the same time. The most well-known explanation behind this condition is head injury or a stroke. The individual with this condition changes the manner in which they place their tongue amid talking. The best treatment for this situation is speech therapy or language training.

Insensitivity to pain: It may surprise you to realize that, there are individuals who have their pain sensor for all time killed. This superpower is the consequence of an uncommon illness, congenital analgesia. More than 40 instances of such disease have been enrolled in one of the towns in Sweden. The disorder doesn’t impact mental capacities or appearance. An individual doesn’t feel any agony greatest other individuals’ contacts. Normally our body indicates us about certain issues it has sending us flag as agony. A patient with absence of pain may miss the side effects of the malady. This ailment is particularly risky for little kids as they can hurt themselves while playing or incidentally cause harm to the cornea, nibble the tip of their tongue off, or neglect to see that their bone is broken.

Vampires: Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia is the hereditary condition that can actually transform you into a vampire. Individuals experiencing this condition are very slim and pale, their eyes have dark circles, their teeth are pointed, and their hair is missing. Along these lines, they appear to be like the amazing blood feeding animals from thrillers. The most serious issue for such patients is that they generally need to check their temperature and avoid the daylight too. It is fundamentally essential to maintain a strategic distance from sweltering climate since they don’t have sweat organs. For instance, Michael Berryman experiences the vampire ailment and made a vocation playing blood and gore flick characters.

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