These four mistakes made in cold weather can increase your weight


Weight gain is the problem of almost all people. But this problem is aggravated even in cold weather. Many people make such mistakes in the cold season due to which metabolism slows down the process of digestion. And in such a situation, the weight starts increasing rapidly, if these mistakes are ignored then the problem of weight gain can be avoided. Here we are going to tell about some such mistakes, due to which the weight starts to increase rapidly in the winter season.

Decreased physical activity:

Metabolism rate slows down due to reduced physical activity like morning walk and gym due to laziness in cold weather, due to which fat burn does not occur and then weight gain starts.

Drinking less water:

During the cold season there is less thirst, due to which we drink less water and eat more. Due to this, weight gain also starts.


Diet changes:

During the winter season, we like to eat sweet, fried and spicy food, due to which our body gets a lot of calories. Due to which weight starts to increase.

Getting more sleep:

Days are big and nights are short in winter. Due to more than nine hours of sleep at night, food is not fully digested, due to which weight gain also starts.


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