These home remedies will give new life to the skin


All women want beautiful skin and for this they buy many creams etc. from the market, but instead of this you can also use salmon present in the kitchen. With this your skin will also be better and you are also saved from the damage caused by chemical creams.

These natural cleansers help to make your skin soft and glowing. You can also call them home remedies or home remedies.


Curd is the best option for oily to combination skin. Massage with two teaspoons of curd daily at the end of the day and wash it with water. This will keep your skin clean. Also, will save from spoilage.

When it comes to natural ingredients for skin care, tomatoes are a natural cleanser of choice. Nothing could be better and easier than rubbing halved tomatoes on the skin. It will not only clean your skin but also help in opening your pores, making the skin flexible and tight.
Multani Mitti

If you have oily skin, you can easily use a paste made from multani mitti, which is a natural clay that has been used since ages to cleanse and purify the skin. Ayurveda also emphasizes its benefits for skin care.
Take a small spoonful of clay and add camphor powder to it. Mix with water. Massage onto wet skin and wash off with this natural cleanser.

If you have combination skin, mix oatmeal and some milk with mashed papaya and rub it on your skin. Wash thoroughly after applying on face and neck. It will not only cleanse your skin (papaya contains powerful cleansing enzymes) but also helps in removing tan, blemishes and scars.

Mashed strawberries are my favorite option for oily to combination skin. I have a soft corner for it, not just because it tastes delicious. Strawberries contain natural enzymes, which are very beneficial for the skin.
Mash three to four strawberries and rub it on your skin and leave it for five minutes. After this wash the face. It will not only soften the skin but also make the skin bright and provide Vitamin C from outside.
lemon and orange peel

If your skin is dry and you want to clean your pores and remove dirt from it, then this mixture can prove to be the best for you. Take 10 teaspoons of almond oil, ten teaspoons of olive oil and lemon juice and store it in a bottle.
To use it, take a teaspoon at a time and add orange peel. Rub gently on skin. Rub in the area near the eyes as well. By doing this, the soil will be removed and gradually the dead skin will go up.
Gram flour

Since ancient times, gram flour has been considered a good option for cleaning all types of skin. Mix it with curd and massage it on the skin. It is good for oily and combination skin and if you mix it with milk and massage it, it helps to cleanse dry skin.
Whichever of these you prefer, use it judiciously.

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