These bollywood movies are the shame on Indian culture , see


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Bollywood movies are not easy to make, when a movie pass the scrutiny of censor board then it get released, today we are going to talk about 3 Bollywood movies that was rejected by censor board because they were against Indian culture.

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1) The Painted House – This movie is based on love relationship between a young girl and old man, it has many steamy intimate scenes too and that is the reason why censor board banned it, but the movie is still available on Youtube.

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2) Kamasutra 3D – Sherlyn Chopra starer Kamasutra 3D showed ancient India but a lot of bold scenes, it did not went well with censor board and it was banned too.

3) Unfreedom – This Indian movie was banned by censor board because it shows the relationship of two girls which includes many intimate scenes as well.


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