These nail marks are signs of serious diseases, identify them today


Nails that enhance the beauty of hands also reveal the secret of our health. Surprisingly this is absolutely true. Actually, with the help of nails you can know about your health. You can detect your disease by nails. If you are suffering from a disease or problem, your nails may show its symptoms. This was the reason why in olden days doctors used to diagnose diseases just by looking at nails. Even today you can know about your health and illness through your nails. So let’s know about the various symptoms seen in nails and related diseases-

Yellowing of nails is a common problem, which can be due to many reasons. Apart from overuse of nail polish or aging, your nails can turn yellow for many other reasons. But sometimes your nails start to look yellow due to diseases like thyroid or diabetes. Apart from this, nails often turn yellow even when there is jaundice.

If dark spots or streaks appear on your nails, don’t ignore them at all. Indeed, dark spots or marks can be a sign of a serious illness. These dark spots or streaks can be caused by melanoma, which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer. In such a situation, if you notice these marks on your nails, consult a doctor immediately.

If your nails are taller than normal or slightly curved, it means that your blood is deficient in oxygen. It also indicates that your lungs are not working properly. Apart from this, if your nails show such symptoms, it can be a sign of diseases like liver, kidney, heart and AIDS.

If you notice white spots on your nails, it could be due to a net injury. Often people do not take it seriously when white marks are found on the nails. But if you notice white marks in your nails, consult a doctor immediately. In fact, white marks can be a sign of a fungal infection.

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