These things astronauts can’t do in space , Very shocking ones


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The International Space Station’ is a place in space where astronauts from all over the world live to complete their research. They also have to follow some rules given by the space agency.

1.Drinking Alcohol

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In the year 1972, for the ‘Skylab 4 Mission’, alcohol was on the menu, but when the public got wind of the plan they sent letters to ‘NASA’ and the idea was rejected.It was a political decision, scientific facts are nothing in it.


2. Pen

You cannot use a normal pen in space because the ink of the pen needs gravitational force so that the ink of the pen can exert pressure towards the nib of the pen but, since the gravitational force in space is almost nil so ink of the pen can not exert pressure and therefore work. So, scientists cannot use the pens which we humans normally use on the earth. However, in 1965, a company patented one of its pens in which nitrogen gas was used to pressurize the ink of the pen.

3. Sleeping Schedule

Space scientists cannot schedule their sleeping time by the sunset and sunrise time because they can experience the sunset 16 times in the 24 hours. Scientists are given intensive sleep training before they launch at the International Space Station.

4. Food Items

Since the gravitational force in the space station is almost nil, you are forbidden to eat things like bread, carbonated drinks, salt and chillies in space because these things can flow quickly and damage the engine of the space shuttle.


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