These Top 10 Red Light Areas are Famous all Over The World, Check here


Whatever your thoughts about Prostitution, but it is true that it is present in every country of the world. Some countries have even legalized it here. The world of sex workers is very frightening. Red Light Area Due to intoxication and violence, they are counted among the most dangerous places in the world.

Let us know today about some such places in the world which are known worldwide for their red light area.

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1. De Wallen- Netherlands


Amsterdam’s De Wallen is the most famous red light area in the world. You will clearly see sex workers imprisoned in glass panels in the streets here. Prostitution is legal here and it is taxed like any other business.

2. Pigalle- France

This area is located near the famous Moulin Rouge windmill of Paris. There are many Sex Shops, Peep Shows, Brothels in this infamous street. A romantic song has also been made on this area.

3. Patpong Market- Thailand

It is common for sex workers to roam in this market in Bangkok. Here hawkers will also be seen giving you various kinds of temptations.

4. Sonagachi- India

Thousands of sex workers are present in this red light area of ​​Kolkata. This place is counted in Asia’s largest red light area. An Oscar winning documentary named Born into Brothels has also been made on this.

5. Geylang- Singapore

Singapore is famous for its strict laws all over the world, but even here prostitution is partially legal. Sex workers do their work comfortably in a tower here.

6. Kabukicho- Japan

This red light area is in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. There are many love hotels here. If a person wants to take a sex worker with him, then he has to pay part of the earnings to his employer.

7. Wan Chai- China

This area of ​​Hong Kong turns into a red light area at night. There are many bar-based hotels where sex workers work.

8. Zona Norte- Mexico

This is the largest red light area in America. Prostitution is legal here. There are many brothels and strip clubs here.

9. Copacabana- Brazil

This is the largest red light area in Brazil. It is said that very rich people come here. This area is very crowded.

10. Holbeck- Britain

It has been declared a legal red light area of ​​Britain some time ago. Here sex workers do their work without any fear.

Some of these work in a peaceful manner, while there are incidents of violence and quarrels.


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