Thinking of doing BA? These are the top 5 subjects which will make future bright. Best Subjects for BA Degree Honors and Top V


All India Survey on Higher Education (Aisha)’s latest report has broken many notions about BA i.e. Bachelor of Arts. According to this report, BA is still the most popular UG course. Other courses don’t stand anywhere in front of it. This belief is also breaking now that if you have taken arts, you will be weak in studies. CUET dates have arrived. In this copy, we will discuss the top five subjects of Arts and some popular courses in which the future is bright.

These courses are taught in almost every university-college of the country. Be it Delhi University or any state university, students everywhere can take admission in these courses.

  • political Science
  • Economics
  • history
  • Psychology
  • social science

The above five subjects are on top these days. The seats of these subjects are being filled first in the good colleges of Delhi. It can be said that students are getting admission with difficulty. Only high scorer students are able to get admission in these subjects. This series is going on for the last many years. There are many possibilities for the students studying these subjects.

They can do job by doing BA Honors or they can brighten their future while studying further. You can do BA with any subject but it is advisable to pay more attention to some things. Working with courses on communication skills, ways to present yourself etc fills you with possibilities.

These subjects are also popular in civil services

Professor Rajneesh Kumar Jha at Rajdhani College, University of Delhi says that there are many reasons for the popularity of these subjects. The biggest reason is that all these subjects are also popular in civil services. Their scores matter there. The second aspect is that these students get jobs easily. Research institutes take them hand in hand. Since these children are bright, they move forward while studying. All these subjects are full of possibilities.

Dr. Abhishek Pratap Singh, Assistant Professor, Language Advisory Committee, Member of NITI Aayog, Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi, says that all these are core subjects. Their relevance has increased today. In NEP, importance has been given to inter-disciplinary research. In that too, these subjects are helpful. The conditions are relevant from the point of view of employment and opportunities.

You can do this course after 12th

There are also some courses after 12th from Arts, which are popular and the possibilities of employment in them are also immense. After doing these, the youth cannot remain empty. They have to get work. Just keep in mind your interest while taking admission. Do not choose the course just by someone’s advice.

  • BA/BBA
  • hotel management
  • BA-JMC
  • BA-LLB
  • Event Management
  • Animation
  • fashion designer

1. BA ie Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business Administration

There are two types of BA available. First simple program and second honors. It would be better to do Honours. Here also keep in mind the interest in choosing the subject. If you are doing Honours, then the major subject should be of your choice. Can compromise in minor. After the implementation of NEP in Delhi, a four-year UG program has come. It is an Honors program but three year BA is also available. Amidst the increasing influence of corporates, BBA i.e. Bachelor of Business Administration is also the choice of students. Because after doing this, most of the students get a job.

2. Hotel Management

If we consider the Corona period as an exception, then recession is not often seen here. If you do this course from Institute of Hotel Management i.e. IHM, then you will get the best job. There are other institutes in the country from where studies can be done. Hotel management course does not mean only cooking. There are many options in it. Some students and parents think of this course when they think of cooking. There are many areas of working in hotel management. Food Product, Travel Management, Foreign Language, House Keeping, Marketing etc.


The demand for Journalism and Mass Communication course is increasing. Media is constantly expanding. Print and TV media were there, but for the last few years there is emphasis on digital media. A large number of jobs are coming in social media. Can say that if there is a hold on Hindi-English. If you are very fond of writing and reading, then many opportunities are coming here too. BA-JMC is a three year course. This field is huge. It has courses in editing, reporting, anchoring, radio journalism, social media management, corporate communication, event, advertising etc.


This is a five year course. After this you become a lawyer. Good career in corporate. The doors of judicial services also open from here. After BA-LLB, you can achieve a special position in your field by doing LLM in the subject of your choice, because now is the era of specialization. National Law Universities are best for this course. Apart from this, BA-LLB course is also available in most government and private universities.

5. Event Management

By doing this course, you can make a career in planning, marketing, advertising, etc. You can keep event management in honors course in BA. In future, you can do MBA in this. Nowadays its scope has increased because now even birthday parties are being organized by professionals in big cities.

6. Animation

If you are interested in animation then this is a fun and promising course. You will not remain empty after three years of studies. The demand for animators and graphic designers is everywhere in the media industry. In recent years, the demand for animators has increased in the TV and film industry.

7. Fashion Designer

Nowadays it is emerging as a great career option. In this you can take both degree and diploma. Its biggest institute is IIFT. Admission is done through entrance exam.

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The above five subjects and seven courses can change the fate of any youth. You just have to have passion. There is immense potential in all of these.

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