This abode of faith is amazing, the secret of the cave pits between the rocks is still incomplete


India is the biggest center of faith and there are religious places to visit in India, every place has its own mystery, today we will tell you about such a mystery-filled temple of the country, if you believe in Sanatan Dharma, believe in Gods and Goddesses. Today’s story is full of mystery, we are going to tell you about Chundru Khawa situated on the border of Hazaribagh and Chatra district of Jharkhand.

This place is the center of faith and a special place of worship. There are giant stone figures of elephants and tigers. Pure water flows between the stones. Natural wells are made on these stones, which are filled with water for years. The special thing is that there are some wells whose depth has not been known till date.

It is said that this place is known as Chundru Baba. People living around this place say that Chundru Baba is the family deity of the people here. Between these rocks, you will be taken to a cave-like pit, the depth of which has been estimated till date. It could not be done, if the local people believe, once efforts were made to assess the depth of this pit, even the string of 7 cots fell short, in such a situation, no trace of it has been found till date.

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