This Ayurvedic home remedy for stones will eliminate the entire stone in 7 to 15 days – Read

First of all, some precautions! Friends, anyone who has stones in the body should never eat lime! (Many people eat it by putting it in paan) because the main reason for stones is the presence of excess calcium in your body. It means that people who have stones in their body have more calcium than required, but it is not getting digested in the body, that is a different matter.

So stop eating pickled foodThere is a plant called Pakhanbed! Some people also call it Patharchat! Boil 10 of its leaves in 1 to 2 glasses of water and make a decoction! Complete stone will disappear in just 7 to 15 days!! And sometimes it disappears even sooner than that!!! You can also eat 3 leaves 3 times a day directly!

Now there is a medicine in homeopathy! You will get it at any homeopathy shop, its name is berberis vulgaris This is written in front of the medicine – MOTHER TINCHER! This is its potency.

The shopkeeper will understand. Get this medicine from a homeopathic shop. (This berberis vulgaris The medicine is also made from a plant called Patharchat, the only difference is that these are in dilutions form, the botanical name of the Patharchat plant is berberis vulgaris it is the same)

Now mix 10-15 drops of this medicine in one-fourth (1/4) cup of water and take it once a day. It has to be taken four times (morning, afternoon, evening and night). Maximum four times and minimum three times. It has to be taken continuously for one to one and a half months, sometimes it takes two months as well. It removes all the stones, wherever they are, be it in the gall bladder or kidney, or around the urethra, or in the urinary bladder. It dissolves all the stones and removes them.

In 99% of cases, everything breaks down and comes out within one and a half to two months Sometimes it may be necessary to take it for three months. So you should get a sonography done after two months, you will know how much has been broken and how much is left. If it is still left, then take it for a few more days. This is not a side effect of the medicine.

And with this medicine gallstones are also cured! Which modern doctors call gall bladder cancer! This happened when the stone broke and came out, now what to do to prevent it from forming again in the future??? Because many people have stones again and again. Once the stone has broken and come out, what to do to ensure that it does not come back again???

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