This Crematorium of India collect tax from the dead , know about it in detail


There are many traditions around the world, which people follow even today. A similar tradition is followed in the city of Banaras, India. By the way, three things of Banaras are famous all over the world. Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Banarasi Sari and Manikarnika Ghat. According to Hindu customs, cremation is done only during the day, but Manikarnika Ghat on the banks of the Ganges is the only ghat in India where dead bodies are cremated 24 hours a day. It is believed about Manikarnika cremation ground that the one who lies on the pyre here gets salvation directly. Around 300 dead bodies are cremated here in a day.

You may not believe it, but every dead person coming to this cremation ground is taxed properly before laying them on the pyre. This story behind collecting money from dead bodies at the cremation ground is also no less interesting. The tradition of paying the price of funeral at Manikarnika Ghat is about three thousand years old.


It is believed that the responsibility of maintaining the crematorium was with the Dom caste since then. Since the Dom caste did not have any other means of employment then, it was a tradition to donate them on the occasion of cremation. But Dom then did not ask for the price of cremation, nor did he adopt wrong ways of earning money.


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