This diet is the secret of Queen Elizabeth’s long life, alcohol was also included in her diet

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In the Royal Palace of Great Britain, Buckingham, it was already informed on 8 September 2022 that Queen Elizabeth II has been kept in a medical emergency, after receiving this information, members of her family started gathering there. That the Queen has died in the afternoon Queen Elizabeth was born on 21 April 1926 and died at the age of 96.


Queen Elizabeth took over the throne at the age of 25 after her father’s death in 1952. Queen Elizabeth was the oldest and longest-reigning queen of Great Britain, the reason for her death by the royal palace. Not told, but people definitely want to know the secret of her longevity, if you also want to know the secret of the long life of the queen, then we tell you that the queen has never disclosed her daily routine, but it seems that her lifestyle was good


Queen Elizabeth II’s diet was quite good, royal chef Darren McGrady told in 2017 that the Queen used to start her morning with Earl Gray tea, followed by a bowl of whole grain or yogurt in the morning breakfast, sometimes toast and jam instead. If she did not want to eat food in any function, then she used to eat only cooked grilled non-veg in lunch and dinner.


She used to eat fish, pheasant greens in lunch salad and ate non-fat fish in dinner, her diet was always clean, she could eat whatever she ate but always ate healthy food with discipline but the queen Between lunch and dinner, she used to take tea with finger sandwiches and it is said that she also drank alcohol daily, according to a report, the queen did not do any special exercises, she included physical activity in her daily routine Which helps to stay active, she used to roam with her dogs and go horse riding as soon as she got time, besides getting enough sleep also benefited her health a lot, I used to sleep before 11:00 in the night and in the morning Got up by 7:30.

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