This Electric Car looks like Tata Nano’s younger sister- People are buying the features and price by running for their liv


Citroen My Ami Buggy Electric Car: French automobile company Citroen has introduced a new electric car in the global market, which is actually a type of buggy. This My Ami Buggy has been named. It comes with a very compact design. It has also been prepared taking inspiration from My Ami Electric Car. It also has a 5.4kWh battery pack and an 8 horsepower generating motor. The company has kept the initial price of My Ami Buggy at around $ 13029 (about Rs 10.78 lakh).

It is being told that this is a limited edition vehicle, of which only 1000 units will be manufactured. This electric vehicle will also be made available in more than 10 countries. It will also be launched in select countries of Europe, such as France, Spain and Italy etc. in June. It will be launched in Morocco and Turkey but will not be made available in the US as of now.

The biggest thing is that it can be easily driven because its design is very compact. Introduced as a rugged electric vehicle, this buggy will be available with khaki and black color combination. With 8 horsepower motor and 5.4kWh battery pack, it can run at a top speed of 45 kmph. It can also give a range of up to 74 km on a single charge. People get a feeling of openness after sitting in it. The concept of My Ami Buggy was introduced by the company in the year 2021, which also received a very good response from the people.

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