This Feature google is bringing in Gmail , Know its special features here


Google is preparing to bring a feature in Gmail that will allow users to make voice calls and video calls over their connection through the Gmail app. Wouldn’t need to do it.
Thus, in this update, users will be able to make direct voice and video calling to any contact through the Gmail mobile app. But you have to note that the feature of Google Meet will now be given inside the Gmail app, with the help of which video calls can be made easily.

You can now make video and audio calls from Gmail

Tech giant Google may soon roll out this feature in the Gmail app, about which no official information has been revealed yet. However, it is interesting to see that Google has decided to bring this feature not directly in Google Meet but in the Gmail app. This means that there will no longer be a need to download the Google Meet app separately, as this feature will be available only in Gmail.


While The Verge reports that Google is building Gmail as the central hub for all work-related applications it offers. Apart from sending and receiving emails, it will also allow users to make personal and group chats, video conferencing and now voice and video calls.

Now there will be no need to download video call apps like Google Meet and Zoom

Thus video calling apps like Zoom, Google Meet became very popular in the era of Kovid-19 because these apps for meeting people of the company are great and a large number of meetings can be held simultaneously. But now when this feature will be added to Gmail, there will be no need to download other apps later, because Gmail is available in almost every person’s phone.


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