Millions lottery winner Jane Park wants a boyfriend(pay 60 lakhs per year) , but on one condition


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Many people in the world have money. But love does not happen in everyone’s fate. The 23-year-old girl living in Britain won millions of rupees by winning a lottery, yet she could not find true love. And now she has adopted a new way to find true love.

The name of this beautiful girl is Jane Park. When she was 17, she won a lottery and she became a millionaire. She had a luxury life with money, but she was cheated in love. Jane was always looking for true love, but everyone loved her money.

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Jane Park said that she is now alone, and she started a website to remove this inadequacy, from which she is demanding a man for himself. She said that if she gets his love, then she will pay 60 lakh rupees for a year.

Any person can apply for this post but that person’s intent is only with love and not by any means.


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    Hii,l am ready to true love .please se my picture
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