This hilarious tomato joke by Lulu Bender will make you laugh


Jokes Hindi: This funny tomato joke of Lulu Sharabi will make you laugh, as you all know that nowadays everyone is worried about something or the other, in such a situation, we are not able to take care of our health and we are in this. . Situation. Collapse. Tension. Our health deteriorates, so we have brought such funny jokes to take care of your health, listening to which your laughter will open and will not take the name of closure, in such a way we are making you viral on social media. you laugh For. We have brought some such funny jokes which you will not be able to stop laughing after reading. Let’s start the process of laughing like everyday…

Jokes Hindi: This funny tomato joke by Lulu Sharabi will make you laugh

Lulu Bender: How much are tomatoes?
Shopkeeper 100 rupees per kg.
lulu forgetful scared and
Picked up 2 tomatoes and started leaving.
The shopkeeper shouted: Hey,
Give money for at least 2 tomatoes.
Lulu Bender: Hey uncle with the tomatoes,
These are not tomatoes. We have two lemons to squeeze into our wine.
Fell down after listening to the expressions.

Daughter-in-law was crying…
Mother-in-law asked while calling – why daughter, why are you crying…?
Daughter-in-law- Am I looking like a witch…?
Mother-in-law- No, not at all…
Daughter-in-law- Are my eyes like a frog…?
Mother-in-law- If not…
Daughter-in-law- Is my nose like a dumpling…?
Mother-in-law- No…
Daughter-in-law- Am I fat and black like a buffalo…?
Mother-in-law- No daughter, not at all…
Daughter-in-law, then why do the people of the neighborhood keep saying this
You look like your mother-in-law…!

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Brother-in-law – You are very beautiful sister-in-law, you are like a queen.
Sister-in-law, really what?
brother-in-law, sister-in-law
What else sister-in-law, what are you doing now?
brother joke

Son (to father) – Give me the keys of the car, going to college is a function…
Papa – Why…?
Son- If I go in a car worth 10 lakhs, then my pride will increase further…!
Papa – Take this 10 rupees, if he goes in a bus worth 30 lakhs, then his glory will increase…!

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Husband- Listen, don’t keep the mobile charging overnight, the battery will explode…!
Wife- You don’t worry, I will take out the battery and put it on charging…!

Father- Son what comes after 5…?
Son- 6 and 7 father
Papa- Well done son is very intelligent, well after 6, 7…
Son- 8, 9, 10
Papa- And after that…?
Son- and then slave, wife and king…


maid- madam, come soon
Your child has eaten a mosquito…
Mistress- Hey quickly call the doctor,
Maid-Mistress Nothing to worry about,
I have given everything to the child.

Doctor: Your husband needs a lot of rest.
take sleeping pills
Wife – When will the doctor give this?
Doctor – It’s not for them, it’s for you…


A woman asked Pandit ji the solution for the happiness of the house.
Pandit ji- Daughter, feed the first roti to the cow and the last roti to the dog.
Woman – Pandit ji, I do the same…
I myself eat the first roti… and…
I feed the last roti to my husband…
Pandit unconscious…

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