This is how Sania Mirza lost 26 kg in 4 months after pregnancy


Sania Mirza, born in Hyderabad city of India and international tennis player, is not interested in any introduction. She has been at the top of the news for some time before her world class game performance as well as her marriage to a Pakistani cricketer. But now the topic of discussion is her return to the playground after a son as a fit player.

This is how Sania Mirza lost 26 kg in 4 months after pregnancy

If we accept the news as true, then he had gained 23 kg weight when he was pregnant. But after the birth of a son, he has lost a lot of weight by resorting to hard work and confidence. Let’s know how Sania Mirza lost 26 kg in 4 months after pregnancy:

Exercise and Yoga:

Sania says that if anyone spends one hour a day doing perfectly done exercise and yogasan then they can lose weight at will. The exercises that Sania used to lose weight fast are:


It is a very effective exercise to reduce physical weight, by which the muscles of the whole body together give strength and strength. Along with this, doing it regularly also helps in weight loss.

Push Ups:

Pushpas are generally considered as exercises done by men. But to lose weight, Sania resorted to normal and stability pushups. To do this, lying on the ground on the stomach, the whole body is lifted up with the help of hands. In this whole process, there is pressure on the abdominal muscles and the excess fat stored there can be reduced easily.

Weight exercises:


Sania used to spend her four hours in the gym to lose weight fast. There she used to spend most of her time doing wet exercises. By doing weight exercises, she was not only able to reduce her weight rapidly but also by strengthening her body, she was able to stop the weight loss from increasing again. But he says that if anyone wants to do weight exercises, then only do them under the supervision of a skilled trainer.


Usually, the lower body weight of women increases rapidly after delivery. In such a situation, squats help a lot in reducing weight. They can also be easily done at home.

Along with this, through Pranayama Yogasanas Sania was also able to maintain her physical and mental balance which proved to be helpful in her weight loss.


Along with exercise, Sania has given full importance to the healthy lifestyle in weight loss. This is how Sania designed her lifestyle:

Maintaining only positive thinking in life

Getting good and adequate sleep at night

High fiber and protein rich food in your diet

Complete avoidance of canned and calorie-rich food items

If you are also worried about gaining weight during pregnancy, then take inspiration from Sania Mirza. Or know how Kareena Kapoor lost weight.


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