This is MP’s Dwarka, where years ago Lord Krishna went to the shop and ate sweets, the story is amazing


Lifestyle News Desk. Not only Tezzbuzz, people from far and wide come to visit the Dwarkadhish temple famous for gold ornaments. This temple is more than 300 years old. It is believed that the devotees who are unable to reach the Dwarkadhish temple in Gujarat, come here and have darshan of the Lord, then their prayers are accepted.


The residents of Ratlam still count the miracles of Dwarkadhish temple with great faith. This temple was built by Kashiram Paliwal. According to local residents, the idol of Lord Dwarkadhish in the temple used to disappear at night. After worshiping the Lord, the doors of the temple were closed for him to sleep, but when he woke up in the morning, the idol was missing. On coming to know, the idol was found with the saint from where it was brought.

God got this punishment of being tied
Members of Kashiram Paliwal say that when the idol started disappearing again and again and reached the saint, Kashiram Paliwal decided that the god should stay here by inviting the idol. They chanted and closed the idol of the Lord. This angered God. He curses Kashiram that he has done this but he will get his punishment. God told Kashiram in a dream that your dynasty would not continue for five generations. On this, devotee Kashiram happily accepted the curse and said that your decision is acceptable, but we will continue to serve you here. That’s exactly what happened. The Kashiram Paliwal family had no children for five generations. Years later a son was born in his daughter’s family. Earlier only adopted children served the family and the temple.

When God himself brought the sacrifice from the sweet shop

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Another miracle related to this temple of Ratlam is heard. Lord Dwarkadhish used to go to the temple every day to offer bhog to the tree from Kaliram Bani sweet shop. Once the Peda Prasad could not reach the temple, so the Lord disguised himself and took Peda from a sweet shop. When the shopkeeper asked him for money, he did not have money, but he gave his gold bangles. God told this thing to Kashiram Paliwal in a dream. The next day there was an uproar when the bangle went missing from the idol. Then Kashiram Paliwal said that God’s bangles would be found at the confectioner Kaliram Ba’s shop. When people reached there, bangles were found in the sweet shop. After this, until that shop was closed, the Lord’s offerings were taken from there to the temple.

An idol is installed after the seven gates
Like the Dwarka temple in Gujarat, the idol of Lord Dwarkadhish is also established in Suvarnanagari Ratlam. Here also like in Dwarka one has to cross seven gates to see God. People still believe in the miracles of the Lord and say that coming here fulfills their vows.

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