This is the country’s cheapest e-car, will run 1Km in 50 paise, zero maintenance, monthly expenditure only 500 rupees


Amidst the ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel, people’s attention towards electric vehicles has increased rapidly. Not only in two-wheelers but also in cars, people are preferring to take electric variants. Due to this, companies are also paying more attention to the production of electric cars. In this episode, Morris Garage also launched its new electric car Comet in April. The bookings for the car started on 15th May and the deliveries also started on 22nd May. The micro-sized Comet was projected to be the cheapest car in the country, however after launch it was priced at Rs. 7.98 lakh ex-showroom. Now it is not the cheapest but it will surely reduce your monthly expenditure on the car and it will be cheaper than any other car.

Now it is important for you to understand this math that how COMAT will be cheaper. In fact, the company claims about the comet that it can run 230 kilometers once it is fully charged. The cost of charging it has been pegged at Rs 500 per 1000 km. If you drive the car even for 1000 km in a month, it will give you a mileage of 50 paise per km. It is not possible to drive any car at such a low price.

Battery and Charging

The company has provided a 17.3 kWh battery pack in the Comet. On full charge of this pack, its range is 230 km. The car is rear wheel drive and has an axle mounted motor. This motor generates power of 42 PS. With the 3.3 kW charger, it takes 7 hours for the car to be fully charged and 5 hours for 80 per cent charge.

great features

Comet’s features are also great. The car has a 10.25-inch screen setup. Along with this, steering mounted controls, connected car tech, dual airbags, stability control, rear parking camera and sensors are included.

how much is the price

The company has launched Comet in three variants. Its base variant is the Pace, which costs ex-showroom Rs. 7.98 lakhs. At the same time, the price of middle variant Play has been kept at Rs 9.28 lakh and the price of top line variant Plush has been kept at Rs 9.98 lakh.

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