This is the most Haunted Place in India ,souls of patients wander here , know the story


In Uttarakhand, you will get to see high mountains, greenery and temples. Every year lakhs of people come from far and wide to see them. But do you know that Uttarakhand, decorated with temples, mountains and greenery, tells its scary history. Many such mysterious incidents keep happening here, hearing which one gets goosebumps. There are many scary places here, one of them is Mukti Kothari located in Lohaghat of Champawat district.

Known today as Mukti Kothari, this place was once a beautiful bungalow, in which a British family lived. Later that family donated this bungalow to make it a hospital. People used to come to this hospital from far and wide for their treatment, but one day everything changed due to the arrival of a new doctor. Because that doctor used to tell both the day and date of their death only after seeing the patients.

People said that the patient died on the same day and at the same time that the doctor had predicted. But the place where people used to die was a secret room, which was called Mukti Kothari. According to the local people, the doctor used to kill himself by taking the patients to the Mukti Kothari in order not to let his prediction be proved wrong.



It is said that the souls of the patients who were killed by the doctor to prove his prediction right, wander in the ‘Mukti Kothari’. This is the reason why anyone trembles by going near this bungalow. According to the local people, often some mysterious incident happens here.

Apart from this, if the people living here are to be believed, strange sounds are often heard from this place. Due to the fear of these voices and mysterious incidents happening, no one comes under the purview of this Mukti Kothari’


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