This is the reason because of which Kim Jong keeps threatening America and South Korea to face the consequences!


South Korea and the US military held a large-scale weapons exercise on Thursday near the border with North Korea.

North Korea has warned that it will never tolerate the practice of invading North Korea’s border. However, ignoring this, America and South Korea conducted joint exercises today.

It has been 70 years since the military alliance between these two countries. The exercise will be conducted in five phases till mid-June and the first phase has begun today.

North Korea has reacted to this important exercise of missiles and other weapons between America and South Korea. Although there was no immediate reaction from their side on today’s exercise, but last Friday (19th) news about this was published in the government media.

The exercise is a military exercise targeting North Korea. It was said that this exercise to be held on the seabed of the country will be taken seriously. North Korea’s Central News Agency has warned that America and South Korea will have to bear the consequences.

Because of this, Kim Jong (kim jong) threatens to face the consequences

Let us tell you that North Korea is afraid that no country should attack under the guise of war practice near their border, so the ruler Kim Jong has been threatening to face such consequences. .

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