This is the world’s most dangerous bomb, a blast and the earth is over

Today, almost all the countries of the world are focusing on making dangerous weapons which are very dangerous for mankind. Today, we will try to learn about this topic about a bomb in the world, which can destroy the earth due to the blast. According to a report, the US created the MOAB, ie Mother of All Bombs, in 2003. Which was considered to be the world’s most dangerous bomb. But to answer the US, Russia made a more dangerous bomb named ‘Father of all bombs’. Experts say that these Russian bombs are 4 times more powerful than MOAB.

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This is the world's most dangerous bomb, a blast and the earth is over

It is considered to be the most dangerous bomb in the world. Many countries can be destroyed by this bomb. Let us tell you that these bombs of America and Russia can bring destruction on Earth. According to the news, the US is controlled  the MOAB, ie Mother of All Bomb through Satellite. Its size is so large that it is dropped from the C-130 cargo plane instead of the fighter plane. aluminum covers are made on this bomb. Due to which they can prove more dangerous if there is a blast.

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