This is the world’s most smelly fruit, it is called ‘King of Fruits’, the price is so much that only rich peop


Lifestyle News Desk. There are many such fruits in the world whose smell attracts human beings towards them. Mango lovers can tell how ripe a mango is by smelling it and how it tastes. Similarly they are fond of melons and watermelons. Whether it is apple or grapes, every fruit has good taste and also smells wonderful. But there is one such fruit in this list, which does not deserve to be included in the list of aromatic fruits. Because this fruit is the most smelly fruit in the world. For this reason it has been banned by many countries. Although it is sold very expensive.

This is the world's most smelly fruit, it is called 'King of Fruits', the price is so much that only rich people can buy it.

Durian is called the king of fruits.
We are talking about the aroma of durian fruit which is called the ‘King of Fruits’. This fruit looks like jackfruit from above, but is soft and yellow in color from inside. This fruit is very common in Southeast Asia and is easily available. But its smell is so bad that people have compared it to the stench of sewage, garbage dumps and dirty sweaty socks. Due to being so stinky, this fruit has been completely banned in places like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong. The thorns of this fruit are also very dangerous and can injure people.

Why does it stink?
According to a research, durian contains 44 different types of different chemical compounds, which produce fragrance. 3 of them are compounds that have been discovered for the first time in a natural substance. Scientists said that this smell is not due to any one compound, but it comes from the combination of all these compounds. Researchers said the fruit contains compounds of honey, roasted onions, sulfur, caramel, soup spices, rotten eggs, rotten cabbage and rotten fruit, which is why it smells so bad.

This is the world's most smelly fruit, it is called 'King of Fruits', the price is so much that only rich people can buy it.

how much is the price?
You must be thinking that if this fruit stinks so much, it is banned in many places, then surely it is a matter of luck. But you are wrong to think so. According to reports, in the year 2019, two durian fruits were sold in Indonesia. At that time the cost of one was around 70 thousand rupees. People also took selfies with the fruit. Those who have eaten it say that its taste is better than its smell. People say that the taste you get from eating this fruit is the same as eating vanilla ice cream with garlic. The inner part is eaten by removing the prickly pieces from the top.

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