This is the world’s smallest railway station, only two coaches run on the track


World’s Shortest Railway: This is quite an interesting story. Have you ever thought of sitting in a train where the journey is just a minute or less? if not, So welcome to Angels Flight. Located in Los Angeles, California, this train claims that it is the world’s smallest railway. This train runs on Bunker Hill between Hill Street and Grand Avenue and because of this there was a change in the lives of the people.

This is the smallest railway station in the world

This place is very attractive for the people. angels flight 2 Feet 6 inches (762 mm) is the narrow gauge funicular railway. Located in the Bunker Hill district of Downtown Los Angeles, California, it has two funicular compartments, Which are known as Olivet and Sinai. these two 298 feet (91 meters) run in the opposite direction on a shareable cable on a long inclined railway.

100 started a year ago but

1901 From 1969 Until then the old Angels Flight was connected to Hill Street and Olive Street. but again, It was closed for the purpose of redevelopment. after many years 1996 In, 2nd Angels flight launched, Which connects Hill Street and California Plaza. to the fun train 2001 It was closed again due to a fatal accident in which one passenger was killed and several were injured. Although, Railways after nine years 2010 Angels Flight reopened in 2010 but was soon closed again for a short time.

Year 2017 Made in hi-tech way

Year 2013 In, The station was closed due to the derailment incident. An investigation was ongoing after the accident, And it turned out that there are some serious safety issues in both the design and operation of the train. Finally the world’s shortest railway 2017 I restarted with hi-tech and safety measures ensuring the safety of the passengers. since, The railway in LA is one of the major tourist attractions of the city and people want to experience this journey.

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