This little carelessness of yours can be dangerous during dinner, know about it


Tezzbuzz News. There are many such habits in our lifestyle that make us suffer from the disease of ‘diabetes’. If you also want to avoid diabetes, then leave these habits from your lifestyle immediately. You should know what are the mistakes you do which increase the blood sugar level. Today we will tell you about the same mistakes which can lead to diabetes.

eat curd daily

Curd is considered an important part of our healthy diet. The nutrients present in it benefit the body in many ways. But Ayurveda says that consuming curd daily can lead to weight gain and problems like poor metabolism. Due to which there is a risk of getting diabetes.

overeating at night
Dinner should always be light and nutritious so that it can be easily digested. But some people eat heavy food at night. Which affects their liver. Due to which their metabolism slows down and the risk of many diseases increases.

Ayurveda experts say that if you are hungry for two rotis, then eat one roti. Because eating more can cause you many diseases. Eating more than your appetite can lead to high cholesterol, digestive problems and obesity.

not hungry, still eating


Eat food only when you are hungry. If you are not hungry and still you are eating food, it means that you are inviting diseases to yourself. This habit not only makes you a victim of diabetes, but also increases the risk of many other diseases.

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