This magical decoction of Tulsi will get rid of problems like cough and cold along with cough.


As soon as the winters begin, problems like cough and cold start troubling people first. Many times this problem increases to such an extent that the person starts having a lot of trouble in doing his daily work. In such a situation, if cough with phlegm is bothering you as soon as the weather gets hot, then this decoction of basil can give you quick relief from this problem. Yes, Tulsi full of medicinal properties is used in many ways in Ayurveda. Tulsi has antibacterial properties, which help in providing relief from stomach related problems like indigestion, heartburn and acidity. Along with removing every stomach problem, it also helps in fighting phlegm. Let us learn how to make Tulsi decoction to remove cough and phlegm.

Tulsi decoction- To make Tulsi decoction, first pour two glasses of water in a pan and add basil, cinnamon powder, black pepper, ginger and mix everything. Let it boil for 15 minutes. Then leave the decoction to cool for a few minutes. Now filter it and drink it. You can also add some jaggery, honey or lemon juice to it for taste. Consuming this decoction daily removes swelling of the throat, removes sore throat, strengthens immunity.

These things are also beneficial in relieving cough-

Cough is cured by eating honey, raisins and dry grapes together. Mixing equal quantity of Triphala with honey and drinking it is beneficial in cough. Drinking basil, black pepper and ginger tea also removes phlegm. Mixing asafetida, triphala, alcohol and sugar in lemon juice and licking it is also beneficial in cough.

Ginger decoction-

If you are troubled by the problem of phlegm, then ginger and salt can help you to clear the phlegm. Ginger helps in reducing the obstruction in the narrowing of the trachea. Which helps in removing phlegm. Also, the anti-oxidant elements present in ginger cleanse the toxins accumulated in the throat and respiratory tract and eliminate phlegm.

Benefits of drinking Tulsi decoction-

This decoction of basil is helpful in removing cold and sore throat. It has the property of fighting against bacterial and viral problems. Apart from this, drinking a decoction made of basil and ginger has many other benefits for the body. Consuming this decoction of basil keeps the sugar level under control. By consuming it, the toxic elements of the body come out of the body. Basil decoction strengthens the immune system.

Apart from cold and cough, consuming basil tea or decoction also provides relief from sore throat.

Tulsi has many medicinal properties, which can help in strengthening the immune system. Drinking one to two cups of Tulsi tea or decoction daily in the winter season strengthens the immune system.
Tulsi is considered very beneficial for weight loss. This super healthy drink helps boost your metabolism and slim your waistline.
You can take basil decoction to prevent viral flu and infection.

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