This person will get ‘tour of hell’ done for four lakhs, where death hovers at every step. UK Man Offer tour of afg


Afghanistan trip for four lakhs Image Credit source: Pixabay

Every person has a desire to get out of his boring life and go somewhere for a walk. But for this we have to think a lot. Then somewhere we can find such a place where we can roam around with pleasure but there are many people. Who likes to travel with his family. In such a situation, these people bypass those places. Where there is little danger because a person keeps the safety of himself and his family above all. But there is a person who has given such an offer to the people, due to which he has come into the limelight.

According to the report published in the English website Daily Star, a person named Joe Sheffer, who lives in London, has offered people that they can ‘visit hell’ by spending money. For this, he will have to spend only four lakh rupees. Actually Joe has offered people to visit Afghanistan. Where death looms at every step. For this, Joe has set up a company and has given this offer to the people to come and celebrate the holidays here.

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why is this place dangerous

Now the question must be arising in your mind that what will be shown to the people in Afghanistan, then let us tell you that the company named Safarat told that this trip will be of eight days and this journey will start from Kabul and go to Kandahar. For those who are interested, they will be shown the Bird’s Market, National Park and the villages under the authority of the Taliban. For your information, let us tell you that visiting here is a bit risky for the tourists because here neither you can hide your point nor try to bribe anyone, otherwise the result can be very bad.

The most surprising thing is that the person wants to take him to that place. The British government has forbidden people to go there because this place is not free from danger. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office explained to the people visiting here that they should not visit these places in Afghanistan at all. However, those who have done this work before and have taken some people with them to visit Afghanistan last week.

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