This scary place is present in Chennai, never go alone


There are many places to visit in India and each place has its own specialty, but if you go out for a walk in Chennai, then you should never go to the haunted place of Chennai, we are going to tell you about the haunted place in Chennai where People are afraid to go and this is quite a trend for scary places.

De Monte Colony

The most scary place in Chennai is D Mart Colony where husband-wife son lived in a house and suddenly next day woman and boy were found dead and the incident was also very scary and after that slowly whole colony got empty and said It is known that the dogs roaming in the colony disappear during the day and after a few days are found dead in the forest at the end of the colony.

Karikattukuppam (Karikattukuppam)

This place of Chennai had come to Tsunami in 2004 and after that became a scary place where dozens of people died and many houses were destroyed due to Tsunami.

Broken Bridge

This is the Basant Nagar bridge present in Chennai and this bridge is very scary. It is said about this bridge that the fishermen built it to cross the river, but one evening the fishermen were coming for fishing, then suddenly the bridge fell down and the incident happened. Not everyone could be traced afterwards.

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