This woman visited three countries in just a few rupees, you will also make a trip plan after seeing the budget. women travel t


Traveled three countries in less money Image Credit source: Instagram/girlvsglobe

There are two types of strollers in the world. First those who just want to roam. They don’t care about this budget… they just have to fulfill their wish. For this, he is ready to spend lakhs of rupees. But there are other types of wanderers. Those who want to travel but before that make their budget. It means to say that they make their budget before every trip, if the trip was according to the budget, then only they plan ahead and believe that due to this budget, many people’s plans would have ended before they were finished. Are. But what if someone travels to three countries in very little money. You must be finding it very strange to hear but it is true.

As we all know that the lockdown caused by the Corona pandemic forced everyone to stay at home. People remained locked in their homes for a long time. But as soon as the lockdown opened, travel freaks once again set out to measure the world with their feet, but there were many people whose budget was not being made, but these days 29-year-old Sabina has traveled to three countries in just a few bucks. Now he has shared his idea on social media. Which has now become a topic of discussion all over the world.

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Sabina told in her post that if you are fond of traveling then you do not need that much money for this. As much as people think. You just have to have that desire within you. Believe me, after listening to the planning of this girl, you too will definitely get involved in planning. Sabina spent two days in the Irish capital before her trip. After this she told that she left from there to Marseille. Whose cost was only 18 hundred rupees. After spending one day at this place, she left for Spain after spending 1700 rupees.

After traveling all this, when the woman saw her accounts, she was quite surprised. In fact, he found in his calculations that he spent only 63 thousand rupees for his entire 6-day trip. In which the cost of flight tickets was less than five thousand. People are liking this idea very much.

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