Those who frequently drink hot water to lose weight beware, these 5 major health risks may occur

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Side effects of drinking hot water -Inflammation of the stomach -Drinking too much hot water affects the internal organs of the body. Prolonged consumption of hot water can cause irritation in the stomach. Intestinal problems- Internal organs like intestines etc. can also be negatively affected by consuming hot water.

In such a situation, people who are already suffering from intestinal problems should consult a specialist once before drinking hot water. Effects on Kidneys Our kidneys have a special capillary system, which helps in removing excess water and toxins from the body. Research suggests that hot water puts more stress on your kidneys than usual, causing problems with normal kidney function. Sleep disturbances – Drinking hot water while sleeping at night can cause sleep problems.

Drinking hot water at night makes you urinate more and also increases the pressure on your blood vessel cells. Do not drink hot water while sleeping. Inflammation of the veins There are many people who drink hot water without thirst, swelling of the veins of the brain. So drink warm water only when you feel thirsty. Frequent drinking of hot water also increases headache.

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