thunderstorms during heat wave


Nautpa has started, but instead of heating up due to the storm and rain, it is cold. May is known for heatwave and heatwave but this year there was not a single day of heatwave in this month. Is this not a sign of monsoon going astray? Meteorologists are also worried about the daily changing nature of the weather.

It takes at least 30 years to change the weather trend, but now its attitude is changing every day. May is about to end, but there has not been a single day of heat wave. Except for a few days in between, the whole month was spent in the midst of strong wind, sometimes storm and sometimes rain. Cyclone Fabian is also showing signs of deviating from the path of Monsoon.

expansion of cold and western disturbance

Dr. Swati Tripathi, senior scientist of BSIP, who is associated with the study of continuously decreasing temperature in land and sea, says that the northern regions of the country including Lucknow saw colder till April this year as compared to 2022. Sudden rains continue even in May, which is not normal. Active Western Disturbance has expanded this year and has caused unseasonal rains in May. Its effect will be seen till central India. Due to this, there will be relief from rain in the coming days.

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