Thyroid problem: Know if you have thyroid problem from these symptoms

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For all body parts to function properly, it is very important to have a balance of hormones. When any hormone is low or high, many problems appear. Thyroid is also a hormone that controls many body functions. If it is more or less, there are many problems in the body. Thyroid problems are mostly seen in women. So they should be more careful in this direction. Here are some symptoms that should be tested for thyroid.

Feeling tired after work is normal. But if you are not tired even after resting and waking up from sleep, it is a sign of a disorder. If your thyroid levels are disturbed, you may feel more tired. In such a condition, you may also find it difficult to perform daily tasks.

Weight loss or gain
There is some weight loss or gain, but if your weight is rapidly increasing or steadily decreasing, it may be due to the thyroid gland. Even if you try to gain or lose your weight, be careful if it changes.

Rapid heartbeat
If your heartbeat feels fast or irregular, it could also be due to an oversensitive thyroid gland. Metabolism increases due to excess of thyroxine hormone. This leads to rapid weight loss and increased heart rate.
Problems with digestion

The thyroid also makes a difference in your digestive system. If your thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, you may suffer from constipation. On the other hand, if the gland is overactive, diarrhea may be complained of.

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