Today’s Horosocpe 20th November 2020 : What do your horoscopes say


Aries: – According to your life life will be preferred. Those who appreciated your actions will oppose you. The building will end land disputes. Interest in father’s business will be less.

Taurus: – Complete your work in time. Non-cooperation of family members will affect the work. If you change the house according to Vastu, family tension will end. Put a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman at the entrance of the factory, there will be a miraculous benefit.

Gemini: – Do not forget your health due to the expense. Talk humbly to your spouse and don’t make affectionate talk in both conversations. Be sweet in speech The sum of the journey is

Cancer: – Do not ignore your health. It is not a good thing to disturb someone who needs to come. Have to take care of the guests. Work stopped at your contacts will be complete. There will be concern about the marriage of sisters.

Leo: – Haste crops can cause huge losses. Your words will be heard in the family. There will be participation in religious programs. Spouse’s health will improve. The test result will be favorable.

Virgo: – No one gets more than time and luck. Wait for your turn. Work will be completed with the help of children. New people will be contacted which will be beneficial in future. Vehicle pleasure is possible.


Libra : – If you ask for another, you will never be able to ask for yourself. Due to illness, there will be health concerns. Do not break your relationship by seducing someone. Be careful, you may get hurt in the leg. Your name will be in the society.

Scorpio: – Today, the people whose cooperation you had turned away from you. The medicine will not affect the disease. It is better to change your doctor. Or seek advice from a qualified person. There is a possibility of going to a new building.

Sagittarius: – It is very important to change your nature. Planning at the workplace will be beneficial. May have to help neighbors. Family will not be happy due to excess of anger. Investment in the stock market will benefit.

Capricorn: – You get into someone’s deception very soon. Complete necessary work in time. Do not allow others to enter personal life. The father’s behavior will alter his mind. Changes in life style. Controversy is possible due to old enmity.

Aquarius: – The mind will be happy because the work is on time. You will get all the work done easily with your speech tact. Establish a separate identity at the workplace. The mind will be depressed due to love affair.

Pisces: – Your functionality will increase. You will be happy with the lifestyle changes. New sources of livelihood will be established. Family harmony will remain. There will be active role in Manglik ceremony.

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