Toll company’s bat-bat, 46 percent increase in toll collection recorded through Fastag


New Delhi. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) through FASTag has seen a steady growth over the years, and the total collection at fee plazas, including State Highway Fee Plazas, during the calendar year 2022 was Rs 50,855 crore, as compared to Rs 34,778 crore in 2021. There is an increase of about 46 percent. According to the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, the average daily toll collection through FASTag at NH fee plazas in December 2022 was Rs 134.44 crore and the highest single day collection was Rs 144.19 crore on 24 December.

Similarly, the number of FASTag transactions also saw an increase of approx. Officials said that the number of FASTag transactions in 2021 and 2022 were 219 crore and 324 crore respectively.

With 6.4 crore FASTags issued till date, the total number of FASTag enabled fee plazas across the country has also increased to 1,181 (including 323 State Highway Fee Plazas) in 2022 from 922 in 2021. Notably, MoUs have been signed with 29 different state entities. States like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tezzbuzz, Telangana, Karnataka have created authorization for on-boarding state fee plazas under the FASTag program.

Officials said that the FASTag implementation has significantly reduced the waiting time at NH Fee Plaza, resulting in enhanced user experience. The deployment of electronic toll collection system at various fee plazas along the National Highways has brought transparency in the system and enabled accurate valuation of road assets, which has encouraged more investors to invest in the country’s highway infrastructure, especially in asset recycling.

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