TOLL TAX: New toll system will be implemented in the country, now these people will not have to pay toll, know what are the new


TOLL TAX : Before traveling on any highway, it has to be seen that how many tolls will come on this highway which will directly affect your pocket. But now we are about to get rid of these hassles. You will not have to stop for tolls again and again. This will also save your time as the order will reach you destination quickly.

Let us tell you that on Tuesday in the Lok Sabha, Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari told about this plan that now the number of toll plazas on the highway will be limited while the local people will no longer have to pay toll.

The Transport Minister says that now people will have to pay only one toll within a radius of 60 km. Rest of the tolls will be removed. He said that such complaints were being received for a long time that the second toll tax has to be paid within the range of 10 kilometers, keeping this in mind, this decision has been taken.

He said that now the local people will not have to pay toll. Because it was often seen that the people living on the edge of the toll had to pay toll even to go to another village. This problem of theirs will also be solved soon. He says that a pass will be issued to the local people on the basis of which they will be able to travel for free.

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