Torture : After Corona virus China is forcibly producing children from ‘male rats’!


Chinese scientists, facing charges of spreading the corona virus, are now showing cruelty to rats. These scientists are forcing male rats to have children by caesarean technology under the Wiley Francoscience Study. In this, a male rat is being paired with a female rat so that both have the same blood flow. Later, the embryo is being developed in the male rat by adding the uterus of another female. Scientists at the Naval Medical University in Shanghai say that this experiment could have a profound impact on reproductive biology. He has not told how it will benefit humans. This experiment is being done after research to find out the possibility of implantation of uterus in transgender women going on around the world.

This team of scientists united the blood flow by connecting male and female mice to their skin. After this the uterus of another female was implanted in the male. The embryos were then simultaneously implanted into both male and female mice. Through caesarean section, 27 normal embryos were allowed to develop in the male for 21.5 days. Through these, 10 children were born from male rats. Chinese scientists claimed that there were no major side effects on the heart, lungs or liver of male and female rats during this period. Scientists said that with this, mammalian animal models of male pregnancy are being tested.


At the same time, Emily McIver, PETA’s senior science policy advisor, who works for animals, called this research frankenscience and despicable act. Male pregnancy is an incredibly rare event in nature. It is so rare that no male animal other than the family Syngnathidae produces offspring. The Syngnathidae family includes seahorses, pipefishes, and seadragons. These are the only known species whose males produce offspring during pregnancy. Let us tell you that Chinese scientists have already been accused of negligent research about the corona virus found in bats.


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