Total 60 delegates from 20 powerful countries in Kashmir, Pakistan was left alone; Know what are the events today


Today is the second day of the G-20 Tourism Working Group meeting in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, where 60 foreign guests are brainstorming on the possibilities of tourism in different Seychelles. In today’s meeting, there will be a discussion on film and tourism in Kashmir in three sessions. Along with this, foreign guests will be given a tour of Srinagar. The delegates who have arrived from all over the world are enjoying the Kashmiri devotees, while neighboring Pakistan is tense seeing the changing scenario of Kashmir. Security agencies are also on alert to respond to any of his actions regarding the security of Kashmir. Kashmiri people are also very happy about the new possibilities of tourism.

These countries including Pakistan are missing

While there is a gathering of representatives of powerful countries around the world in this meeting, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have distanced themselves from the meeting being held in Kashmir. To counter the fake propaganda of Pakistan, which is playing the tune of Kashmir, India made a brilliant bet, which seems to be successful. Under the G-20 Summit, India organized the third meeting of the Tourism Working Group in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan had already decided to create an atmosphere against the meeting after India’s bet got upset.

Dragon’s bluff didn’t work either.

At the behest of Pakistan, China refused to participate in this meeting. Dragon had said it was opposed to holding meetings in any “disputed area”. Apart from China, only two countries Turkey and Saudi Arabia showed hesitation. Leaving these few countries, 20 powerful countries like America, Russia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, European Union and South Africa showed their interest in attending this meeting. 60 delegates have reached India from here. Although Kashmir is once again spreading its scent of saffron on the world map despite a handful of countries abstaining from the meeting, the Shikaras of Dal Lake are attracting tourists.

What will happen in today’s event?

The atmosphere has changed in the Kashmir Valley, which is called the paradise of the earth. The influx of tourists is going to increase further in the coming days. Today is the second day of the G-20 Tourism Working Group meeting which began on May 22 in Srinagar. Today there will be three sessions in the G20 meeting in which Jammu and Kashmir film tourism will be discussed. At the same time, the foreign guests attending the G20 meeting will be given a tour of Srinagar. The meeting of the working group is being held at the Sher-e-Kashmir International Convention Center near Dal Lake.

More than 60 delegates from 20 countries including America, Japan, France, Canada, Britain, South Korea and Singapore are participating in this meeting of G-20. This is the third meeting of the G-20 Working Group on Tourism. Earlier, working group meetings have been held in Rann of Kutch and Siliguri as well, but the biggest meeting so far is being held in Srinagar, which will continue till May 24.

Worldwide discussion of Kashmir

After the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir in 2019, this is the biggest event ever held in Srinagar for which elaborate security arrangements have been made. Apart from the Army, paramilitary forces and J&K Police, NSG and MARCOS commandos have also been deployed for security. National Security Guards commandos are guarding Lal Chowk in Srinagar while Navy’s MARCOS commandos have been deployed at Dal Lake. Apart from this, Andy Drone Unit has also been deployed in Srinagar.

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