Tractor broke into two parts after collision with Mercedes, people trembled after watching the video!


social media But often different types of videos go viral. Sometimes a video surprises people, then a video is very funny, which makes people laugh and laugh. At the same time, sometimes some such videos are also seen, which are very emotional and they even bring tears to the eyes. Apart from this, on different platforms of social media Accident Videos related to this are also seen a lot. Nowadays such a video is very much nowadays viral It is happening, seeing which anyone’s hair should stand.

Usually, when there is a collision between two vehicles, many times it happens that some vehicles suffer a lot, but have you ever seen that in a collision between two vehicles, a vehicle breaks into two parts? Yes, something similar is being seen in this viral video. In the video you can see that a part of the Mercedes car has been badly damaged, while a tractor in front has been broken into two parts. Now you can understand how terrible this collision will be.

Watch in the video the tractor divided into two parts after the collision

It is being told that this incident is of Chandragiri bypass road near Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. The tractor had entered the wrong side, due to which the Mercedes and it collided. It is being claimed that the occupants of the car are completely safe in this accident, while the driver of the tractor has suffered minor injuries.

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The video related to this accident has been shared by IIS officer Gurmeet Singh on social media platform Twitter and it is written in the caption, ‘The tractor broke into two parts after colliding with Mercedes … After the incident people remember ‘Cyrus Mitri’. Went’. At the same time, a user has written while commenting on the post, ‘The specialty of Swaraj tractor is that it breaks into two parts after a collision or more stretch. Seeing the broken side of the car, it seems that the tractor will be in the direction of turning and the Mercedes coming from the front at a high speed gave in confusion.

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