Traffic Challan: Take special care of these things while driving, otherwise it will be a fat challan


Traffic Challan : If you think you can get away with flouting traffic rules like last time, you are wrong. The traffic police in Delhi and Gurugram are gearing up for traffic reform, for which they are mercilessly engaged in issuing traffic challans. These days the traffic police in Delhi-NCR is gearing up to enforce the traffic rules. Action is being taken on continuously breaking the rules and fat challans are being cut.

If you use any type of vehicle to go somewhere. Therefore, it becomes extremely important that you keep all the documents of that vehicle with you. Documents are issued by the government for any valid vehicle. So that you can claim that the vehicle is yours. These documents include the vehicle’s registration card, insurance, PUC (under pollution control) and the person driving the vehicle. He must have a diving license. With these papers both vehicle and vehicle owner will be considered valid and you will be happy and can easily avoid challan.

Increased traffic challan rates for strictness

According to reports, the Delhi Traffic Police has challaned violators over the past few days, which include tinted windows, not wearing rear seat belts, driving under a minor and driving in the wrong direction. However, the traffic police collect some more amount against these challans and have given us the complete details read below.

Wrong side driving Rs 25,000

5 thousand rupees for driving without license

Rs 3,1000 for driving without seat belt and helmet

Wrong number plate Rs 3,000

Black film on car windows Rs 10,000

Rs 1,000 for not wearing the rear seat belt in the car

25 thousand rupees or 3 years in jail for driving a minor

8,000 for riding a motorcycle wearing slippers

If you want to avoid these tricks then follow all the traffic rules because they are for your safety and not following them can be harmful for your safety only.

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