Travel 100 kilometers for 7 rupees, More than 400 people have made bookings


Now somewhere, the common man also wants to get rid of the ever-increasing prices of petrol and diesel. For this, he is also looking for an alternative. When the prices of petrol and diesel are touching the sky. At that time, the market has come up with a bike that has created panic. With this bike, you can travel 100 kilometers for just 7 rupees. Talking about the petrol bike, there is no such bike in the market which gives a good average.

Automobile Private Limited has launched its new bike Atum 1.0 in the Indian market. Making a big claim about this bike, the company has said that a hundred kilometers can be traveled from Atum 1.0 for just 7 rupees. Atum 1.0 is made by the automobile start-up Automobile Private Limited of Hyderabad. With the introduction of this bike in the market, the common man will get a lot of relief from expensive petrol and increasing air pollution.

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According to the company, the battery of Atum 1.0 is fully charged in just four hours, after which you can travel 100 kilometers from this bike. Your expenses will be only seven to eight rupees in the battery charge of the bike. The battery will be charged in one unit of electricity. The company is also giving 24 months guarantee on the battery of the bike. More than 400 people have made bookings of this bike so far.

At the same time, the company says that they have also started the delivery of the bike. The company has priced the bike at fifty thousand rupees. The special thing about this bike is that Atum 1.0 is completely Make in India. The bike has a digital display, LED headlight, taillight, indicators and seats. This is a smart bike, which will be connected to your phone.

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