Travel to the unknown universe chapter 4


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Everything went to the darkness, my life and my hope everything went away before hearing that voice. I don’t have any other reason to live before but now I have a point. That is Saaraah, my daughter. I read a small message on that laptop. That says her trust and hope on my return. I don’t know this will makes me live or not but definitely it will create a chance.

In the end of lot more crying and lot more sufferings he made a plan. The plan is to go for the other broken part of the shuttle.

I know it is a deadly mission. The possibility of success is 5% but I know zero about the survival strategy. I can see the other broken parts but the problem is distance. That part is, may be around 1km away from me. And the huge problem is I can’t even remember anything about me and my role in this space mission.

I may be a Mechanic or a Medic or a Communication engineer but the beauty is I have a memory loss.

What I have to do is to make a plan.

Ok man, to cover that much distance I need a jet pack but I don’t have that.

What I have?


A fire extinguisher, a pressure control space suit and that is also damaged and the dead body of my wife with a lap top and suit camera.

Great suit’s battery is 19% last time I saw 25% charge while I recoding myself in that camera. Ohh that’s my mistake.

This pod also has less amount of oxygen. If I don’t go there definitely I will be dead.

And I can’t use the extinguisher to go that much far. So what is the key?

This pod is pressurized and contains oxygen, all right. If I open the door the pressure will come in and the air will go out. So it will create some thrust. Hence I can move forward. Wow man you are a genius without a brain basically brain without a memory.

If I cover the half distance I can move further by the extinguisher. That’s a plan my boy, maybe I am a planning engineer.

Ok Mythili let’s try this one time, for our daughter.

Suit up, oxygen level 100 percent. Ok damaged place is sealed with the tape. It should hold the pressure and the battery is 18%, radio is on, camera is on.

He taped the laptop with the suit around the body and he got ready to go now.


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