Trending: Age Is Just A Number! Bhangra dance of old chiefs went viral; watch the video

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Trending Bhangra Dance Videos: Punjabi wedding swag is different. Any party and wedding ceremony is incomplete without Punjabi dance. Punjabi music adds color to the programme. One such video is currently going viral on social media (Social Media Viral Video). In this video we can see an amazing dance of two old Sardars. (Bhangra dance video of two big Sikhs in the party went viral on internet)

Both the friends danced on the song ‘Yaar Bolda’. Two elderly Sikhs are seen setting the dance (Bhangra dance) floor on fire with their killer dance steps. Seeing the dance of the elders, the enthusiasm of the band members also increases. In the video, people standing around him are seen encouraging him by clapping.

This video of amazing dance of these two elders at a wedding ceremony has gone viral online. A page named Pink Panther Studio has shared this video on Instagram (Instagram Viral Video). This dance video has been viewed more than 947 thousand times so far.

Meanwhile, seeing the video (Viral Video), many people could not stop the greed of sharing it. Seeing the video of the old man, many people have commented. A user commented that age is just a number. It is necessary to live happily every moment even in old age.

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