Tulsi Benefits Amazing benefits of eating 4 basil leaves daily. Eat 4 leaves of Tulsi daily, you will get relief from these hea

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Tulsi is worshiped in Hinduism. It is full of medicinal properties. Eating 4 leaves of Tulsi daily gives many benefits to the body. Let’s know its benefits.

Tulsi is considered worshipable in Hinduism. people by law basil Let’s worship. It also has special importance in Ayurveda. It also has many medicinal properties. It provides many benefits to health. It helps in getting rid of many health related problems. You can consume 4 basil leaves daily. This gives many benefits to health. Let us know what are the benefits of eating 4 leaves of Tulsi daily.

relieve constipation

The problem of constipation goes away by consuming basil leaves. Consuming basil leaves on an empty stomach improves digestion. It removes the problem of constipation. They work to prevent the problem of diarrhea. Therefore, to keep the digestive system healthy, you can consume basil leaves daily.

for strong bones

Basil leaves contain nutrients like potassium and folate. They help in making the bones strong. Consuming basil leaves helps in keeping the bones strong.

cold and cough

Due to change in weather, one often has to face the problem of cold and cough. You can consume basil leaves in the form of tea and decoction. It helps in providing many benefits to your health. It helps in preventing the occurrence of cold and congestion in the chest.


Consumption of basil leaves helps in keeping the heart healthy. It has antioxidant properties. They work to protect against the damage of free radicals. Consuming basil leaves on an empty stomach is beneficial for your heart.

stress and anxiety

These days many people live in stress due to bad lifestyle. In such a situation, consumption of Tulsi provides many benefits to the health. It helps to overcome problems like anxiety and stress. Eating Tulsi on an empty stomach helps to get rid of stress.

bad breath

You can also use basil leaves to get rid of bad breath. Consuming this removes bad breath.

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Tulsi leaves have properties that help protect against cancer. It helps in protecting against cancers like skin, liver, mouth and lungs. You can also consume basil leaves to prevent cancer.

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